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​When it comes to financing did you know that most hospitals do not borrow money from Commercial Banks? No, they obtain their financing institutionally from the Capital Markets where they are able to structure financing at 20-40% below the prime rate. These are wholesale rates. If you have current practice and facility (including ASCs) related debt or new a project planned costing $3 million or more (with no maximums) and want similar interest rates as the hospitals then you should contact our firm.

MMC Medical has the solutions to assist.

Capital Market Financing is typically not a financing structure that most bankers have the expertise or the access to offer. In a competitive marketplace due to wholesale and institutional rates larger credits are typically structured using the capital markets but now are available through MMC . MMC is a pioneer in Capital Market financing and first introduced this type of financing to the Church, Christian School and College Market over 20 years ago. As Capital Market Specialists, we now provide that same expertise that will help lower debt service costs for Health Care Practitioners.

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